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National parks

National park Krka

Located just 10 km inland from Sibenik is Krka National Park. Named after The River Krka that flows through the National park. The Park itself covers 142 square kilometers and it includes almost two thirds of the Krka river. The most famous waterfall in the whole Park is definitely Skradinski Buk. The best way to see and feel the whole area is by taking a boat excursion. Most of these boats are departing from town of Skradin. This way you will be able to enjoy the sights comfortably relaxed on a boat but you will be able to walk on a path along the water. For tour price request please CONTACT US!

National park Brijuni

Briuni National park is a living proof of a harmony established between men, animal and plant kingdom. In the Park you can find more than 700 different plant species and approx. 250 bird species that have found a perfect home in this mild Mediterranean climate The Park is also a full of wide variety of different archeological remains, from traces of dinosaurs, age of Antiquity to later periods of history. Brijuni are also well know because of its connection to former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito. The usual tourist tour is conducted by a train that takes them through different areas of the park; like a safari park, bays etc. For tour price request please CONTACT US!

National park Kornati

Stretched along the central part of a Croatian Adriatic are situated Kornati islands. Their immense beauty, diversity of its coastline, intact marine ecosystem were the reasons why they were declared a National park in 1980. Kornati islands are the heaven for yachting crowd, scuba divers and all those that enjoy to enjoy and observe with wonder the magnificence of nature. The Park itself consists of almoust 90 beautiful islands, islets and reefs that yachting people like, because of the possibility to slalom sail. For tour price request please CONTACT US!

National park Mljet

Remember Odysseus and his encounter with nymph Calypso along his travel to Greece back from Trojan war? Sounds familiar? Well, some of the stories claim that the island from the story is the island of Mljet in Croatia. We can, assure you that Kirka is no longer there, but what you will encounter during your stay on the island will blow your mind. The national Park covers the entire north to west part of Mljet. The borders of National Park circle the two lakes – Veliko i Malo jezero (eng. Large and Small Lake). The whole length of both lakes is approx. 4 kilometers. In the middle of Veliko Jezero is a small island (Islet Melita) containing a large building of a former Benedictine monastery which was build there in 12th century. Now, the monastery is a home for café/restaurant. The villages located on the seaside (Pomena, Polace, Sobra and Saplunara) attract a lot of visitors. They all come for their own reasons, but what all of them agree is that weather you are hiking, swimming, biking, sailing, the stunning and seductive nature all around you will fill your heart with a peace that reigns there. Remember Odysseus? Well, just...

National park Paklenica

Located inland from the coast of North Dalmatia, National Park Risnjak is a very well know touristic sight. The Park is known for its geological highlights full of variety of animal and plant life. Among the numerous species you can encounter during you hiking on Risnjak, the sighting of falcons, eagles, owls, deer, foxes, wild cats and lynx are common ones. The visitors that enjoy climbing the heights of Risnjak are taken back by the beautiful and untouched nature that surrounds them. If you are more in tuned with gentile walks, there are paths that are less steep and that allow you to enjoy the marvelous nature also. For tour price request please CONTACT US!

Plitvice lakes National park

What is there to say about Plitvice National Park that hasn’t been said before? This is the most popular tourist attraction in Croatia for sure, and the Park was granted in 1979. A UNESCO Heritage status. The lakes in Plitvice National Park are nature’s wonders and a must see, if you are visiting Croatia. The Park consists of series of beautiful lakes, caves and waterfalls that were formed by a natural process of deposition. This process sis very much active today. These sixteen lakes are interlinked and they stretch along the path between Mountains of Mala Kapela and Pljesivica. Thousands of years of natural process of deposition created natural barriers, dams that have in turn created beautiful lakes, caves or waterfalls. The forests are still full of wildlife and are homes for bears, wolves and many rare bird species. For tour price request please CONTACT US!

National park Risnjak

Risnjak National Park in Croatia is beautiful all year around, so whenever you decide to visit it, you will be rewarded with beautiful sights of meadows bathed in the sun, large numbers of natural springs and streams, hills and mountains, etc. These places will inspire you to enjoy marvelous hikes along the educational path “Leska” – almost 4,5 kilometers long. Maybe you like to enjoy murmuring of water while enjoying your activities? You could take a walk to river Kupa source and enjoy the mesmerizing sound of one of Croatia’s beautiful rivers. Our experience tells us that most of the visitors who are coming to National park Risnjak like to visit the peak of Veliki Risnjak and Snjeznik. If you would like to explore these sights, all the information you need you can find on the official site of National Park. For tour price request please CONTACT US!

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