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National park Mljet

National park Mljet

National park Mljet

Remember Odysseus and his encounter with nymph Calypso along his travel to Greece back from Trojan war? Sounds familiar? Well, some of the stories claim that the island from the story is the island of Mljet in Croatia.

We can, assure you that Kirka is no longer there, but what you will encounter during your stay on the island will blow your mind. The national Park covers the entire north to west part of Mljet. The borders of National Park circle the two lakes – Veliko i Malo jezero (eng. Large and Small Lake). The whole length of both lakes is approx. 4 kilometers. In the middle of Veliko Jezero is a small island (Islet Melita) containing a large building of a former Benedictine monastery which was build there in 12th century. Now, the monastery is a home for café/restaurant.

The villages located on the seaside (Pomena, Polace, Sobra and Saplunara) attract a lot of visitors. They all come for their own reasons, but what all of them agree is that weather you are hiking, swimming, biking, sailing, the stunning and seductive nature all around you will fill your heart with a peace that reigns there.

Remember Odysseus? Well, just a story or not, you could visit the famous Odysseus cave and decide for yourself. He was captivated by the island for 7 years, and Odysseus cave is a place where he met Calypso who nurtured him.

If you are a diver and you like to explore underwater beauties, an info that during the latest excavation reviled a 10th century shipwreck containing bottles, amphoras and decorative glass.

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