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It would be a shame to come to Croatia and not to visit the capital city. Zagreb is a city made for casual strolls through its Upper Town filled with church spires. The lower town's architecture is mash-up of art deco, neo baroque or secessionist buildings. Strolling deeper into its streets will reveal colorful murals painted by local street artists. There are amazing things to see just by walking through this town full of history. Follow the usual routine of the locals – go for a coffee! Even when there aren’t any festivities going around, the city center is full of people and full of joyful and vibrant energy. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


Mostar, the largest city in Hercegovina has numerous attractions worth visiting, if you plan to stay longer in this enchanting old town. Make sure you plan to visit during Spring or Autumn periods since that is the best time to enjoy the various happenings. The most celebrated bridge in Balkan connects two medieval towers forming a stone arc. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


Zadar is very old Mediterranean port city and like any other town in the Dalmatia, it is surrounded by walls and towers. The old town of Zadar is ideal place to go visiting numerous ancient sights stretching from ancient, medieval to Renaissance periods. This can bee seen in its monuments, like the church of sv. Donat, Roman forum close to main square, Kalelarga (longest and widest street), etc. All of them give testimony of a long and rich heritage. The sunsets in city of Zadar are unique, you can sit and enjoy the beautiful symphony played by waves chorusing the Sea Organ, or watch urban light installation Greeting the Sun, that is located close to the new harbor. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


Trogir is a very old town located between Split and Šibenik. It has a big historical heritage that was recognized by the UNESCO. Because of its unique location, this little town lies in the natural protected area which makes it very favorable stop in yachting world. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


For all of you that are historical fans, Šibenik is a jewel in a crown for you. This is the oldest twon in the Adriatic and its second name is Krešimir’s town. This is because Šibenik was a reigning town of an important King of ancient state of Croatia- King Petar Krešimir IV. Close to Šibenik is located National Park Krka and a famous town of Skradin. Šibenik’s narrow streets, old stone built houses and numerous staircases leading you up towards the remains of the old city walls give that extra romantic flavor to the whole Mediterranean experience. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


The town of Split is a cultural and political center in Dalmatia and inside its walls you will be able to experience its long tradition reflected in its old historical and cultural buildings. Split is a rich cultural town and that richness can bee seen through its several museums, various galleries, theaters, cinemas etc. It is easy to sightsee around Split because everything is in your walking distance. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


Located approx. 40 km to the North from the town of Split represents an interesting area to visit because of its landscapes and heritage. The town of Sinj is surrounded by green hills and slopes of two mountains – Svilaj and Dinara. Sinj is a very well-known place because of Sinjska Alka which is a celebration of Lady of Sinj. This interesting event takes place outside and its peak moment is when horse riders try to take down a metal ring hanging in the middle of the street. Well, since it is hard to explain, come with us and experience this very old local tradition that managed to survive in this modern world. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


Međugorje (meaning “between mountains”) is one of the most famous Catholic shrines in the world. It became famous through the apparition of the Virgin Mary. Since 1981, when the Virgin Mary started appearing first, and up until now, Međugorje attracts annually millions of tourists. For tour price request please CONTACT US!

Korčula and Pelješac

Korčula is one of the two destinations that come to mind when visiting Dubrovnik area. The island is quite famous because of its connection with legendary explorer Marco Polo. The second destination worth visiting is Pelješac peninsula. Not only will you be able to enjoy beautiful scenery while visiting but you will be able to taste one of the best Croatian vines. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


Konavle is situated very close to the city of Dubrovnik. Thirty villages that are located in Konavle area all have common trait and that is their autochthonous architecture. The vegetation that is growing in and around those villages, manages to survive growing on a rocky red soil. The red soil is a perfect contrast to a green grove of pines, cypress trees and lush Mediterranean macchia. The whole Konavle plain is full of old churches and chapels. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


Istria is a feast for sore eyes indeed. Various streams, rivers, creeks flow through lush green deep valleys which immediately paints a picture of a fairy land. Hills overlook the fields that hide little villages. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


The island of Hvar is one of the ten most beautiful island in the world! This is not just our love of Croatian beautiful nature, but this was also confirmed by various renowned international publications. The island is known for its clean air and crystal-clear blue waters since Greek times. Because off a unique microclimate, unspoiled nature and rich historical heritage, Hvar is one of the best know tourist resort in Croatia. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


Those in search for a paradise on Earth, should put on their agenda Dubrovnik. The town is unique because of its long heritage that can be seen around represented as an architectural marvels like forts, walls and churches. Because of its beauty, Dubrovnik is called The Peral od Adriatic. Every building inside the walls od city of Dubrovnik has a unique value. The medieval walls that surround the city have been preserved in their original form and are opened for visitors. This is a major attraction in Dubrovnik. Like any other town on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, Dubrovnik also has mild, warm and dry Mediterranean climate. Your eyes will not be the only senses that will indulge in wonders of Dubrovnik. Let your taste buds enjoy gastronomical delight of this area also. Because of its location on the south of Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik enjoys long sunny days which also means you can enjoy your outdoor activities all year around. Do not miss island of Lokrum, which is also know as Island of Love. This little island is located about 700 meters away from the city of Dubrovnik. For tour price request please CONTACT US!

Cetina rafting

Cetina river is the most famous site in Croatia because of the most attended adventurous activity that it provides – RAFTING! Discover a new face of Croatia; beautiful and lush green river, magnificent canyon, thick forests, caves, fairy-tale like sceneries. You can choose a wide variety of activities like swimming in the clear and warm water, ride through its refreshing waters, take a shower underneath nature’s shower – waterfall! Satisfy your thirst by drinking from a natural, fresh and clear spring water! The rafting includes different rapids named: the green labyrinth, rock'n'roll slalom, the green tunnel. For tour price request please CONTACT US!


The island of Brač is located off South from the town of Split and it is perfectly connected with the mainland through series of catamarans that take visitors from Split to Brač. The island has a lot of beautiful beaches, but the most famous one is the beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn). This is one of the largest attractions of the Adriatic Sea. The beach extends like a tongue out into the clear blue sea and surfers like to come and test its winds and waves. Waters around the island of Bol are full with maritime life and you should definitely enjoy your stay there and make sure to take a bite at any local delicacy. For tour price request please CONTACT US!

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